2014 Festival Vedere Oltre, Narni

Sleep Child is invited to a Book Festival and becomes an art practice for youngest: I invited children to manipulate newspapers and realize their own significant message for a collective installation.

SLEEP CHILD LAB Installation/Visual Poetry/Mail and Participatory Art

2012 Land Art al Furlo, Italy

In an empty structure on the fringe of Furlo gorge Land Art Park, begun the paht I’m still walking: Sleep Child Lab.

August 2012 - bombs over schools in Siria went intoxicating the collective subconscious.

Zen Attempt, temporary site specific installation to talk about the frustration for being an adult unable to protect childhood.

SLEEP CHILD_01_Zen Attempt. White grassello, black iron wire, wool, china drawings on cotton.

2013 London Biennale Pollination, Tilly, Belgium

Mail-art Postcard.

Photo Daniela Panfili.

Paper Tommaso D’Ellera.

Project Silvia Paoletti.

SLEEP CHILD_02_Carefully Under Shadow. Postcard.

2017 L’Altracittà, Rome

Paediatric Hematology ward of Umberto I Hospital in Rome, playtherapy project for adolescent and young adults.

Free manipulation of printed textes with visual poetry thecnique.

Those Minimal Narration had a meaningful message - intimate, socially involved, poetic, ironic or critical. They became the Silented Images for a fund raising mail art project.

SLEEP CHILD_04_Silent Image. One of 24 postcards.


SLEEP CHILD_03_Look Further

Wooden tables, seawashed woods, black iron wire, rough wool, newspapers fragments, white tempera, red thread.

2019 YouthMundusFestival, Rome

A narrative space, a couple of books and black markers were the elements I gave to visitors who wanted to practice visual poetry and get in the work. They could express freely - what came out was hope, anger, loneliness, sensitivity, wounded narcissism, rebellion.

SLEEP CHILD_05_None. Silent Image and one spontaneous intervention.

Silvia Paoletti   2020